RAM Business Confidence Index


The RAM Business Confidence Index (“RAM BCI”) is a comprehensive survey on business sentiments among Malaysian SMEs and Corporates across 5 main industry sectors respectively. The inaugural index was published in January 2017.

RAM BCI measures positive and negative sentiment of firms on their 6-months forward looking expectations on key aspects namely turnover, profitability, business expansion, hiring, capital investment, capacity utilization and access to bank financing. An index of above 50 indicates a positive sentiment while below 50 indicates a negative sentiment.

As a quarterly survey, the RAM BCI offers a timely barometer of future economic activity to guide businesses’ investment decisions and planning as well as provide inputs for strategic policymaking by various stakeholders of the economy.

1Q - 2Q 2017 RAM Business Confidence Index

2Q - 3Q 2017 RAM Business Confidence Index

3Q – 4Q 2017 RAM Business Confidence Index

4Q17 – 1Q18 RAM Business Confidence Index