RAM Sustainability refines rating scale to support market development

Published on 07 Oct 2021.

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RAM Sustainability Sdn Bhd (RAM Sustainability) has refined its sustainability rating scale to make a greater distinction between companies. The three generic rating levels of Gold, Silver and Bronze now carry subscripts 1, 2 or 3. Subscript 1 indicates that the company ranks at the higher end of its generic rating category, subscript 2 denotes a mid-ranking, and subscript 3 indicates that the company ranks at the lower end of its generic rating category.

“Our more granular approach facilitates more accurate benchmarking, supports the needs of sustainability-linked transactions and the requirements of the market” said Gladys Chua, RAM Sustainability’s head of sustainability services.

“As part of RAM Sustainability’s commitment towards product development to meet market needs, we have incorporated relevant international and domestic guidelines such as Bank Negara Malaysia’s Climate Change and Principle-based Taxonomy into our rating considerations” adds Chua. The overall sustainability rating also assesses whether the rated company’s economic activities cause significant harm to the environment or society, and if they do, whether the company is strongly committed to remedying the harm or has in place initiatives to transition towards more sustainable practices.


About RAM’s Sustainability Ratings

RAM has successfully developed a holistic, methodological tool to measure and benchmark the sustainability performance of companies called the Sustainability Rating. The tool is created to give recognition to sustainable companies and catalyse sustainable development within the corporate sector. It also provides the vital building blocks to encourage companies to be sustainable. RAM’s Sustainability Rating is a composite of ESG and Positive Impact Ratings that measure the sustainability performance across the company's value chain. We view this as a holistic approach to sustainability as it considers both the risks and opportunities that contribute to a company's long-term value and continuity. For published Sustainability Ratings, please refer to Sustainability Buzz.

About RAM Sustainability Sdn Bhd

RAM Sustainability is a provider of sustainability services and ESG analytics. Incorporated on 31 May 2000, RAM Sustainability is a wholly owned subsidiary of RAM Holdings Berhad (RAM Group). RAM Sustainability is the first ASEAN-based provider of sustainability ratings and second opinions, and has the distinction of being the first Registered Observer of the International Capital Market Associations’ (ICMA) Green Bond Principles (GBP), Social Bond Principles (SBP) and Sustainability Bond Guidelines in ASEAN. It is also a member of the 2020/2021 Advisory Council to the GBP and SBP Executive Committee. On 12 August 2020, RAM Sustainability became an Approved Verifier for the certification of climate bonds under the Climate Bonds Standard & Certification Scheme after having been awarded the status by the Climate Bonds Standards Board. For further details, please refer to https://www.ram.com.my/sustainability


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